Although they come in sizes that can easily fit a very small space in your bag or pocket, they are the first ones you grab when you are about to do something while you are camping, hunting or fishing. Yes, they are that important and sometimes people don’t care for them as they should. In this case most of the pocket knives end up in the trash because they are filled with rust and you can’t seem to open them anymore. Although most people will say that they care for their knives properly because they clean them every after use, the care they give to their knives is still not enough. This article will help you be informed on how to properly take care of your pocket knives.

The first thing people forget to do is to oil their knives. Oil is a great lubricant that can help you open up that pocket knife that has been stuck in position for a very long time. The oil will also help the springs, bolts, and screws to prevent from rusting. Those who are living near the ocean or the beach should do this regularly because there is a higher chance of your pocket knife to be contaminated with salt water. This will corrode the metal gradually so whenever your pocket knife comes in contact with salt water , you have to rinse it immediately, let it dry, and then add a thin coat of oil on it.

For folding knives that have lockbacks, it is important that you make sure that the mechanism is kept clean and free from dirt or sand. In this way, you can prevent the knife from locking into a permanent position.

The proper use of the pocket knife should also be observed. You did not go into the Best Folding Knife store just to buy a pocket knife that you will ruin because you used it as a hammer. There are other tools aside from your pocket knife that will be a more effective hammer and your pocket knife’s springs and bolds could loosen because of the pounding.

Many of the pocket knives come in their own casing and it is important that you use them to store your pocket knife when they are not in use. If you keep the pocket knives in other places not meant for them, there would be a high chance of moisture reaching them. You also need to sharpen the blades regularly because a dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp one. When you have a dull knife, you tend to put more pressure while using it and there is a great chance that it could slip and accidentally cut you.

Lastly, you should also take care of the handles of your pocket knives. Although the blades seem to be the most important part of the pocket knife, you should still keep the handles polished. The handles are greatly important in giving you control over the knife that is why you should take care of it too.

When you have successfully fermented your mash, the next thing that you need to do is to distil the mash to get the alcohol. Distillation is the process that helps you separate the alcohol from the mash because of its difference in its boiling point. To help out with the process of distillation, you can purchase pot still or reflux still in a copper still store. It is the ethanol in the mash boils to temperature that is a bit higher than 172 degrees Fahrenheit but is not lower than 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the boiling point of water. Once the vapor is turned into liquid again, in the process of condensation, it can now be collected.

During the distillation process, there are many different types of alcohol and other chemicals that you can get. The other types of chemicals are called congeners and they can give flavor to your alcoholic beverages.  It is okay for the congeners to be included in the final product when you are making whiskey because the flavor is well appreciated in that kind of drink. On the other hand the congeners should not be found in vodka because the goal here is to take the purest alcohol.

There are several phases of distillation and in each phase, there are different alcohols you can get and they are called foreshots, heads, hearts and tails. The hearts part is the only part that is stored and can be consumed, the heads and the tails are kept to be distilled again and the foreshots is the one that is discarded.

The foreshots contain the most volatile of the alcohols and it is not consumed because they may contain harmful alcohols like methanol. This portion is thrown away and it makes up around 5% of the total liquid that you get in the whole distillation run. The heads are the portion that contains the acetate, acetone and acetaldehyde. You can identify this part easily because they smell like solvent and they are said to be the primary cause of hangovers. They taste bad and are not at all sweet. This makes up around 25% of the total liquid in your distillation run.

The hearts is the best part and it is the one you get to ingest. You will know that you are already in the hearts phase because there is no more harshness in the odor of the distilled liquid. This creates the whiskey that is sweet and full of flavor. It is also smooth and the best tasting alcohol in the whole run. This makes up around 35% of the total liquid gathered after distillation.

The tails is the last part of the distillation phase and it primarily has the fusel oils like butanol, propanol, and other amyl alcohols. Although it is great to taste, it is mainly made of water, carbohydrates, protein and other alcohols that have a high boiling point. It is also in this part that you can see an oily surface at the top of the liquid. You can also test this by rubbing the liquid in between your thumb and forefinger and it will feel slippery to touch.

Men have feelings too. This should be covered with more information through Men’s Lifestyle Blogs and other sources. And as far as men go having the feeling of having to hold on to a sort of social manly standard in physical appearance, it often gets difficult for them to be honest about their emotional state, and even more difficult than feeling emotional stress, finding a way to relieve himself of that feeling. For whatever reason, emotional stress when felt should be dealt with as soon as possible before any serious implications take place. The following are a few ways that highlight the way men deal with emotional stress.

  • Through a Confidante – Having a form of best friend is important for a man. Through the everyday goings of life where he has to emit an aura of strength, he needs someone he can be human with. Whether it is a brother or any sibling, or a cousin, his wife, or even a ‘wingman’ commonly referred to in Men’s lifestyle blogs. A best friend is a man’s resource at relieving his negative emotions and stress. He needs someone he can trust. The trust that a man puts in his confidante is beyond anything else, he trusts him to keep his secrets and the reasons to his emotional state. Most importantly, he trusts his confidante by introducing him to his vulnerable state, a part of him mostly everyone will never get to meet.
  • Going out With Friends – When a man goes on a night out with his friends, he more often than not has drinking and sex on the brain. This topic is severely saturated on men’s lifestyle blog sites but sometimes, like women, men drink to alleviate stress too or to try to cover something up, or to forget. Men have feelings too, you know. A shift in man’s usual personality when on a night out, or any activity outside the norm like drinking substantially more or being in a mood can hint at possible emotional struggle. Of course, it could very possibly well be nothing; he might just feel like it. But the keyword here is ‘might’, and that means that there is always a chance.
  • Shock Absorber – Some people have ‘shock absorbers’ which here means something to take, or that is willing to take some verbal or physical damage in order to relieve a person of his tension. Men’s lifestyle blogs talk a lot about physicality in sports or activities like boxing, wrestling, jujitsu, or other forms of martial arts. These can all be used as a suitable output for negative emotions suppressed inside. Another suitable output is men who enjoy activities such as writing, painting, or drawing. These also work to release tension. When a man is at it, just let him be.

Statistics show that psychological and various mental problems are more prevalent in men simply because they do not express themselves and let their emotions out as much as women do. Underneath the entire tough exterior are human beings and all human beings have feelings too; keeping everything in is not going to do anyone any good. If you are a man, there are people in the world that love you and that would very willingly be there for you if only you let them. For everyone else, if a man tries to approach you with such a problem, do not ridicule them. Just listen, and be there.